Sunday, November 25, 2007


Go Wildcats!

We are super-heros- hear us roar!

A typical daily look for our Ricky. He lives in those boots! Let me say...STINKY!!!


There's our soccer champ!

Go Ninjas!

Before the Turkey Trot run......

........after the run

We made it!

Snow for Thanksgiving!


Introducing Mr. Frosty!

Brotherly bonding during potty time!

OK- once again, I apologize for not keeping this blog as updated as I would like. Life is just so full. These pictures are an accumulation of several moments/events over the last month. First- there was the ACU Homecoming- which was just so fun. It's always great to see old friends! Then on to Halloween. We really don't make too big a deal of this holiday. Our church congregation always has a Trunk-or-Treat which the kiddos enjoy. I decided to try to make the boys costumes this year, which was an undertaking since I really don't know how to sew. My sister gave me a quick how-to lesson. The boys are always playing super-heros. So I made their very own super-hero cape, etc. Soccer season finally has come to an end. The Ninjas had a great season. Brendan was asked to play in the City-league tournament. Which was a nice honor for him. Then we had a quick trip to Houston. Mike had to go for area-wide prospective student auditions, but it was great to get caught up with some of our very dear friends there. Our time- living in Houston was a very special time for the Fernandez family and we were so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. Thanksgiving came quickly after. Mike and I had planned on volunteering/serving at the Salvation Army in the early part of the day, but the lady in charge called me a few days before and informed me that they had an overwhelming amount of people volunteering- that they were thankful, but didn't need our help this year. Praise God so many people are self-giving! Well- since we had a free morning, my sister Bonny convinced Mike and I to run in Abilene's annual Turkey Trot. It is a 5K run which began at 8am. It was so cold that morning and I had not been training prior, but it sure was crazy fun! I set 3 goals for finish....not walk...and not come in last. I did succeed in all 3! Mike did much better than I (naturally), but it was nice to go about the rest of the day eating guilt-free! We got home just in time to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (it's tradition to watch every year.) Then we all got showered and dressed and headed over to Mike's dad's house for the Thanksgiving feast. They always have such a huge spread. Everyone goes over to Papa Rudy's and Nana's for Thanksgiving (including my parents.) Yes- it did snow for Thanksgiving! Yippee! Now that's a way to get into the Christmas spirit! The next day we spent some time with the rest of mike's family- which is always fun! I'm so glad our boys have cousins so close to play with! We have to watch Holden and his cousin Sadie- they are 6 weeks apart in age and very close to one another. We CANNOT have kissing cousins! They are awfully cute together though! All in all- this has been a very busy and wonderful month and we are looking forward to December. I'm so excited- my sister Wendy and her husband are coming down for Christmas this year. They are also expecting- so I can't wait to see that pregnant belly of hers! Last year we went to PA and NY to see them for the holidays. It was an amazing trip. We were able to go to Times Square to ring in the New Year. It was quite exciting, but I am looking forward to the low key/no traveling this Christmas season.

Happy Holiday and blessing to all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ricky turns 2 & the Livestrong Challenge

It was a big week this last week. October 11th Ricky turned 2. We had a small get together on Thursday with family and a few close friends. My sister Bonny had her Grand Opening for her new art studio that same night- so we started out the night with Art Walk- then dinner of Ricky's choice (Chick-fil-A)- then home for some cake and ice cream. We'll have a true b-day party in the next couple weeks with the rest of Mike's family. I can't believe he's already 2. Parents always say, "time flies"- I understand that statement more and more every time my kids have a birthday. I just want to soak up every moment! Ricky is a funny one- he has a huge facination with "Indiana Jones". I know... what does that say about us as parents- Our 2 yr. old watches Indiana Jones :) We try hard to screen out any scary parts. Anyhow, Cracker Barrell happened to have Indiana Jones hats- I couldn't resist getting one for Ricky's birthday. He absolutly loves it! That was Thursday- then on Friday we left for Austin. Mike participated in the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Challenge. The boys and I went to support him in the event. Our dear friends- Charles and Dawne Chrurchville went with us. Charles was a participant also. His mom is a cancer survivor. It was such an amazing event to witness and be apart of. Just this event alone raised $3.8 million for the fight against cancer. Dawne, the boys, and I trailed all the cyclists cheering them on. I was so inspired and encouraged to see all those riding. I couldn't believe how many cancer survivors actually participated in the event as well. I found myself teary-eyed at several moments. I'm going to try to train to do this event with Mike next year. Mike did quite well- especially since he's only been cycling for a couple of months now. Lance Armstrong gave a great speech to everyone at the end of the ride. We felt honored to be a part of the event! A big THANKS goes out to everyone that donated to the Challenge!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

So we're not so good at this blogging thing!

Well- here it is months later and I am just now getting back to this blog. I actually love to read others blogs, but when it comes down to composing my own- I never seem to have the time. I will get better at this though. We had a very busy summer and we are still trying to wind down from it all. We got to go Kauai, HI for our best friend's wedding and then to PA for my youngest sister's wedding. It really was a wonderful and blessed summer. Mike is back in full swing of school. For those that don't know- He is a professor in the theatre dept at ACU. We love being back at ACU. We were both students there- so it's fun to be on the other side of things. Mike is also training for a triathlon. He has recently picked up cycling and loves it. Between ACU, training, and football season- Mike is quite busy. Brendan, our oldest son just started 1st grade. He's doing quite well. Although this is his second year in school- I still have a hard time parting with him during the day. Brendan is also busy with soccer this time of year. Last year was his first. I am so excited I get to be a soccer mom- it's one of my dreams come true! Yes- I also drive a minivan- and really don't mind it all that much! My time is mostly spent chasing Ricky around the house and playing superheros with Holden- that or building legos. Ok- a little house cleaning gets done- then it's time to p/u Brendan from school, work with him on his homework- 1st graders bring home homework everyday. I'm also on the PTA exec. board in charge of membership. Mike and I are also teaching bible classes at church- so I guess we're all staying pretty busy. Life is good though- and we are very blessed! I'll try to be much better about keeping up with this blog thing. Attached are a few of our semi recent photos.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here We Go!

Well we are now steaming full speed ahead into the world wide web. We have no idea what we are doing but this is insanely fun!