Sunday, November 25, 2007


Go Wildcats!

We are super-heros- hear us roar!

A typical daily look for our Ricky. He lives in those boots! Let me say...STINKY!!!


There's our soccer champ!

Go Ninjas!

Before the Turkey Trot run......

........after the run

We made it!

Snow for Thanksgiving!


Introducing Mr. Frosty!

Brotherly bonding during potty time!

OK- once again, I apologize for not keeping this blog as updated as I would like. Life is just so full. These pictures are an accumulation of several moments/events over the last month. First- there was the ACU Homecoming- which was just so fun. It's always great to see old friends! Then on to Halloween. We really don't make too big a deal of this holiday. Our church congregation always has a Trunk-or-Treat which the kiddos enjoy. I decided to try to make the boys costumes this year, which was an undertaking since I really don't know how to sew. My sister gave me a quick how-to lesson. The boys are always playing super-heros. So I made their very own super-hero cape, etc. Soccer season finally has come to an end. The Ninjas had a great season. Brendan was asked to play in the City-league tournament. Which was a nice honor for him. Then we had a quick trip to Houston. Mike had to go for area-wide prospective student auditions, but it was great to get caught up with some of our very dear friends there. Our time- living in Houston was a very special time for the Fernandez family and we were so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. Thanksgiving came quickly after. Mike and I had planned on volunteering/serving at the Salvation Army in the early part of the day, but the lady in charge called me a few days before and informed me that they had an overwhelming amount of people volunteering- that they were thankful, but didn't need our help this year. Praise God so many people are self-giving! Well- since we had a free morning, my sister Bonny convinced Mike and I to run in Abilene's annual Turkey Trot. It is a 5K run which began at 8am. It was so cold that morning and I had not been training prior, but it sure was crazy fun! I set 3 goals for finish....not walk...and not come in last. I did succeed in all 3! Mike did much better than I (naturally), but it was nice to go about the rest of the day eating guilt-free! We got home just in time to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (it's tradition to watch every year.) Then we all got showered and dressed and headed over to Mike's dad's house for the Thanksgiving feast. They always have such a huge spread. Everyone goes over to Papa Rudy's and Nana's for Thanksgiving (including my parents.) Yes- it did snow for Thanksgiving! Yippee! Now that's a way to get into the Christmas spirit! The next day we spent some time with the rest of mike's family- which is always fun! I'm so glad our boys have cousins so close to play with! We have to watch Holden and his cousin Sadie- they are 6 weeks apart in age and very close to one another. We CANNOT have kissing cousins! They are awfully cute together though! All in all- this has been a very busy and wonderful month and we are looking forward to December. I'm so excited- my sister Wendy and her husband are coming down for Christmas this year. They are also expecting- so I can't wait to see that pregnant belly of hers! Last year we went to PA and NY to see them for the holidays. It was an amazing trip. We were able to go to Times Square to ring in the New Year. It was quite exciting, but I am looking forward to the low key/no traveling this Christmas season.

Happy Holiday and blessing to all!

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Naomi said...

Cute pictures! Your boys look a lot like you. Impressive that you made them all capes! Super mom! Looks like you had a ball in the snow. We were in Arlington at Wes' parent's house. We had a little snow, but it didn't stick. Glad you had a blessed Thanksgiving!